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Tuesday 22 November

Today I am going to tell you about what I did on camp and what I enjoyed doing the most.

Last week we went to camp and for our camp we went to Napier. It was a lot of fun. On the first day we started traveling around 9:00 o'clock. When we got to Napier we went for a  walk along the beach exploring. Later, around five, we unpacked our bags from the mini van and put them inside the Aquarium. First we did activities. My one was to name the body parts on a Shark and draw one of the Sharks in the tank. I drew the Spiny Dogfish. Later we had dinner and we had Burgerfuel. It was nice. After our tour of finding facts about fish and animals  we set up our beds. It was too late for another  night tour so we went straight to bed and in the morning we got another tour. On the morning tour we got to see the Penguins. They were so little.

We also got to go to Laserforce. I was in the second group called  the Green Team. We all had a turn playing. One of the adults brought every child an ice block, we were so lucky. On the next day we went to Inflatable World and we got a private session. That was so fun. I went on this big high jump that you have to climb up to the top. When you get up there,there was a  line and you get to jump off into this blow mat and Miss Palmer jumped off it and went down the slide that was next to it. After we had lunch we got subway then we went to Napier Prison. We got a tour of the Prison  as well. Somebody got framed for murdering someone and he died for it and also if you got caught drunk driving you would have to spend 3 to 8 months in prison and if you were naughty you got hanged.All of the rich people paid a lot of money to go up the top to watch while all the families had to watch from down the bottom. At the Prison they do night tours and when they lock you up in a room people hide up in the corners in black clothes and after a few minutes they come up behind people while they are looking and scare them and make them freak out so they go back to the wall and they try to get out and run away.

On the last day of camp we got to watch a movie.The movie was called School of Rock. Mrs Larsen and Seth loved the movie because they are into rock music. We also went to the ocean hot pools on  the second night. It was so fun, I went in the big cold pool and the hot relaxing spa pool. Then the day before we went to Splash Planet we went on the Bumper boats. Mehki was in my group and when he went to go on the Bumper boat, instead of getting into the boat, he fell into the water and the water was really cold. Then we went onto the go carts. They were really fun. I came first . I overlapped the adults and they have had more driving experience than me and Im only 11 and they came last. They must not  know how to drive then. Later on in the day we went on the speed slides. That was really cool fun . After, me and Kaleb, went down the tube slide and half way down Kaleb hopped out of the tube and at the end we collided heads and it hurt alot . The life guards didn't even tell us off, it just looked like they didn’t care what we did. Then we went off to a deep pool and did flips and bombs into the pool . Mrs Larsen hopped out of the pool so Riley,Coby and Kaleb pushed her back into the pool so she couldn’t get away from them, it was so funny.Evan Mrs Larsen started to laugh that she got pushed in. Also when I went down the speed slide all of the water went up my nose and it really hurt. After a while most of us got bored so we went in the lazy river and started to build a tower with all the stuff to float on. We made two of them and Blake W. called the big one Humango and the other one was  smaller so we called it Humango the second.  Around five, we went back to Kennedy park and had dinner and then we went to bed ready for the next day of life.  

I really enjoyed camp because I got to spend heap of  time with my friends. 
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